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The Black Keys - "Let's rock campaign"


It'd been five long years since The Black Keys's last album. The band decided to go off the radar for a bit - leaving fans wondering if and when they would make their return. I was initially asked to create a music video that not only explained where they had been, but also signaled to fans that the band was back and had a new album at the ready.


I decided the best way to promote their comeback was through narrative video teasers that could be shared on social, directing viewers to the music video.


After the video’s breakout success we were pleased to find that the social videos actually gave the band the most engagement they ever had. So naturally they asked me to strategize the campaign for the album.


I created a massive non-traditional content campaign encompassing 100+ videos across all social media channels with the ability to released over the course of three months. The campaign had a direct link to pre-orders and sales. Thanks to our promotion, we got the band over 27m video views and 50K+ new instagram followers.

The full case study is available here.

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